25 year old Julia Hango, Better known by her artist name JuliART, has self funded several succesful solo exhibitions to kick start her provocative feminist art carreer in 2014 here in Namibia .

JuliART uses her art to shed light and speak on day to day issues around the Naked human body and using it as a tool to combat stigmas around gender , identity, violence and sex.

Many of her digitally created photographs are surreal and thought provoking as they are layerd with movement and emotion that give the Artworks an exploratory three dimentional space, hER performances are thought provoking and are manifestations of her inner being , expressed soley for healing purposes, healing the Artist and the Audience, using her body and that of any one else who she photographs as a weapon against patriachy.

JuliART, as part of a "So Namibia" Collective of 5 women was invited to show at THAT ART FAIR 2016 in cape town, South Africa as well as at the ART PHOTO MARKET 2016 in Budapest Hungary , which was then followed by a group exhibition as part of the Essence festival in new orleans in Durban and a one month 2017 Fak'ugesi African digital innovation Artist residency in Johannesburg . In her work she is drawn to and inspired by the processes of birth, death, and renewal... What lies below the surface fascinates her as she tries to capture the qualities of the "unseen" that express the sense of wonder that she feels in her daily existence and life living as a Nudist and exploring the body as the Artwork..

Founder and creator of the Body Positive Namibia MOvement and JuliART and WINE : Life Drawing Salon as well as a board member for the Young Feminist movement Namibia -Y-FEM. JuliART WAS SHORTLISTED AND PUBLISHED IN THE 2017 PRIDE AND PREJUDICE GERAALD KRAAK AWARD AND ANTHOLOGY, IN THE 2017 99FM mASTER YOUR DESTINY JOURNAL AS WELL AS THE AFRICA IN DIALOGUE INTERVIEW EBOOK amongs many other online features.

STATEMENT- I think OF ALL the artworks i create as souls, individual spirits born, each being pregnant with their ownpotential, giving birth to new, improved versions of themselves. Healing the viewer , Celebrating the human experience , and creating future worlds.

Ky West