Take the Needle Off the Record

When your old guardians, those thoughts that sheltered you from the hard days, no longer serve you. Thank them. Free those tired protectors and feel yourself lighten. Life, or more specifically, learning, is conflict. Knowing when and how to take action requires courage and faith. Sometimes it’s a nudge from a friend or a large dose of humor. Life doesn’t need to be so damn serious. We aren’t getting out of this alive, right? RIGHT? Those around us can act like a mirror, reflecting back what we so desperately need to see. Sometimes, we miss the signs of growth. Sometimes, we smile when the a-ha moment happens, like a sigh of relief.

What thoughts and patterns are you holding on to? Gripping for safety and comfort? Which ones are no longer serving you? Self-reflection can serve two purposes: 1. Daydreaming and imagining so our world can expand joyfully, 2. Introspection for internal housekeeping, à sort of spring cleaning of the mind, heart and soul.

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become” - Buddha

As 2018 comes to a close, I am setting an intention to housecleaning, to freeing my head, heart and soul, to moving towards living more simply and therefore richer. 2018, a master 11 year, a year of cleansing, a year of radical growth, a year for potential, I say, thank you. Today, I dream. I vision. I remember what made me gasp with the joy of discovery as a child. It’s still out there. Simpler and Richer: my mantra for 2019.

Our past behaves like a security blanket, warm and comforting in those stories. It’s done, right? So there’s nothing really to fear from it. I broke everything in my life to find freedom, to exit the matrix, to honor myself. But, that concept of being a “breaker of chains” no longer serves me. The chains, proverbial and real, are almost all gone...the only ones that remain are in my own head. By repeating the narrative, I hold myself back. Time to let that go; forgetting honors me more than repeating.

Waking to a sunrise, daydreaming and dreaming returned, just like that. Creation for joy; running to instead of running from. The last few years I spent running from: the matrix, the obligations, the weights that “held me back”. Thank you to that attitude and approach for getting me out! Now though, if I continue to run from, I’ll be keeping myself in the gerbil grinder rather than running free.

Running towards something represents a radical change in perspective; a paradigm shift respective of the magnitude of both my personal power and of human capacity to shape their existence. It’s a redefinition, recontextualization, so that the old, perhaps isn’t even relevant. Personal power vs. position power. I never really wanted accolades or external validation, but yet I unconciously chose, again and again, hyper competitive sports and career. Today, with newfound clarity, I can honor my drive formerly known as competitiveness, I can run towards a life defined by my rules (assertive boundary setting), filled with joyful choices, simpler in my needs, richer in every aspect, because I am love...

I AM LOVE. Unconditional love.

We can spend a lifetime of repression, avoidance, running from, or even stagnation. Whatever you choose, I won’t judge. We can also choose a life of love, freedom, lightness, joy, daydreaming, dreaming and riding away on the back of a Desert Sled.

I encourage you to write down a thought that causes you stress. Examine it again to see if it’s really true beyond a doubt. Thank it for serving you. Write it down. Burn it. And then, move on.

My life, this gift of the present moment, I’m going to inhale it, adore it, run to it, co-create it, dream it and allow it.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray

- Rumi