Happy Birthday Mancub

For My Love - Happy Birthday

Only you know

What my heart sounds like

From the inside.

Your metronome.

Science has shown

What all mothers already know...

You didn’t occupy my body

We shared it;

Cells mingled in utero.

We literally carry a piece of each other


And karmically speaking, You didn’t choose a PTA mom.

I don’t know what day you have art or gym.

I don’t drive you to soccer or play dates. But...

I do know how your breathing changes at the exact moment you fall asleep.

I know how your skin changes just as you may be getting sick.

I know how you call for me when you sleep because I’ve made a study of watching you, witnessing you.

I know what you fear.

I know what makes you smile.

I rocked you for hours, even after you slept, just for the pure joy of it.

I don’t sacrifice anything for you.

I choose you. Intentionally.

Over and over.

And, you owe me nothing. Not even thank you.

I hope you feel how free you are.

I hope you see how brilliant a soul you are.

I hope you follow your dreams.

I hope you believe in love.

Every once in a while, I hope you will still let me hold your hand.

I love you beyond words. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I get to call my kid. Love, Mama

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