Imagination is Our Most Abundant Natural Resource

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Imagination Is Our Most Abundant Natural Resource

by, Matt Bovard aka DANK P.H.A.R.T

herstory heart ripped out by history

cracked rib xy divisions

knowledge taught to be poison

lies fed as truth

heads I win, tales you lose

oh wait, we both middle road

naked dance upon higher plane

lifted by wings of creativity

amused by eternal giggles

struggles are planted in prayer

grow into grace watered by love

cocoa heart openers fire tongue

transform hate & anger into art

dedicate it to love

eternal undefinable only knowable as self

heat that drives furnace of creation

leads through flames without fear

over ledge of know amongst cliffs of faith

no time like the present

open this eternal gift

future already happened

welcome to tomorrow

where the currency is art

everyone is filthy rich 

problems are solved through listening

ears tuned to neighbors heart

chest beat rib cage jail break

speak empty filled eternal truth

same one as last one, same as knew one

no one run this show just hollow 7d circus

dreams of wheels celestial systems of infinite dynamos

jeweled night plasma energy balls

father stitched into dark backdrop of mother

metaphor is a metaphor for metaphor

I don’t remember what I met her four

maybe it was because I met her three

met a pyramid along the way

disguised as a tomb

was really a womb

source of energy geometrically plugged in

event horizon non-local

alien in the system

cleanse self of self

can’t have no strangers

thought juggling weirdeaux’s  

keep moving nothing to see

on plane beyond brain

just keep it simple plain

please don’t complain

all we want is your energy

pay attention with all that you have

t.v. geometric grid soul skid

art rEvoultion swim divergent channels

open seas of swirling cosmos

destination celestial ports of higher mind

spaceship star of david

Davinici energy map

all of it just a trick of light

playing in the dark

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Freya Inanna