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Real Talk is a conversation between men and women of God, and believers in Jesus Christ about the ups , downs, twists, turns, the highs and lows of life. It’s an openconversation from one heart to another featuring testimonies that exemplify the work that God has done through some people and for some people. These conversations help to build faith, encouragement, hope, and healing to overcome situations that life throws our way. I wrote this book based on a word spoken over me by my Minister and his wife. They prophesied that I would write a book about my transformation.After the prophecy I went to the store and purchased a notebook and began writing. I found myself looking for inspiration, and I began writing about my life experiences that people can relate to. I did not think that I would be writing a devotional book, but my life is a walking testimony so it was destined that the devotional book manifested itself!


Whether I am giving a advising a friend, or encouraging someone who was sent along my path, I find myself having a conversation about what I’ve experienced and howGod helped me get through it.I believe that God is using me as His vessel to spread a word to people in this generation who are seeking Him, who want to strengthen their relationship with Him, whose faith is shakable, or those who need to witness the power of God showing up in the lives of others. I am a witness to the power of faith, and in this devotional, I encourage the reader through Biblical references and life experiences on their journey with faith.


Brandi J-E McAlister, MS coins herself the Spiritual Friendvisor (A friend who gives advice based off of godly wisdom). She offers advice, provides encouragement, and gives hope through her weekly conversational testimonies on Pray TheImpossible her devotional site. She is the author of Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours A 30 Day Devotional. Her motto in life is Live, Love, Laugh and give God all the glory.

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