Sylwia Wiesenberg – The Fountain of Youth 

Inspired by her love of the beach, and ice cream Sylwia uses her  digital fitness platform Tonique and Dope Naturally to show women how to maintain their youthful figures from the outside and feel great inside.

I sat down with Sylwia (pronounced syl weeya) Wiesenberg, founder of the digital workout Tonique, which is part of the digital workout movement.  Sylwia has been an early pioneer of the YouTube workout videos and has since moved one to be one of the first downloadable fitness entrepreneurs. She discovered a void when her students outgrew her classes. But now the Tonique community is growing globally one download at a time. Her sessions are often shot in an  exotic locations like Anguilla or high altitudes in Peru.

 Meanwhile, her latest business venture is supplying us with the edible beauty supplement just for us girls via her company Dope Naturally. Tonique and Dope Naturally founder Sylwia Wiesenberg was gracious enough to chat during her travels, She shares her love of real ice cream and bikinis with us                                                                                                                                                                                    

Tell us about what you do - How did Tonique begin and when did you see the need for Dope Naturally and how did the name come about?

I consider myself a body architect. I truly love movement and creating workouts, generating new ideas for moves that can help us to fight gravity at every age.

I created TONIQUE after quitting my financial job and believing that my true calling is to help women feel and look fabulous and obtain their ultimate body confidence. After seeing amazing results on myself, friends, and then strangers (who now are part of TONIQUE family and my friends) I decided that my mission should not stop on just movement, I should expand on my passion for foraging ingredients and turning them into delicious and nutritious meals. In the end movement and food are inseparable. 

 After years of producing TONIQUE workouts and teaching underground class in Flatiron district in Manhattan, I was once asked what do I do to have that endless energy - my quick response was I dope, naturally of course and this was it. I decided that moment to name my edible beauty and wellness brand DOPE NATURALLY - because pure and unspoiled food is the most powerful drug to make us look and feel great, and it is good for you. 



Do you think online and digital workouts are the future of fitness?


TONIQUE was definitely one of the first fitness methods available for downloads - the idea was to bring TONIQUE to your bedroom and make it easy for you to travel and stay motivated.  As much as I love the personal touch of the classes, knowing your trainer and trainer knowing his or her students/ clients it is an impossible for me to be present in person for everyone at the same time. However, today it is because of the internet there is a growing need for home - travel - portable fitness programs - personalized with every detail and so real that you feel like you experienced the class. And with the power of the internet, you really can achieve that - the best part is that your audience is not limited to a class of 30 people but you can expend it to reach women/men around the world and creating a close community who follow your workout method and lifestyle ethics. I love that I am able to be within 24 hrs in hundreds of homes on at least 4 continents, that's brilliant! And that experience makes the future of fitness definitely digital! I am fascinated with the power of AI and I cannot wait to see what AI will add to fitness experience.               

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  What can clients expect from Dope Naturally once they start using it? 

Improvement in skin tone and natural glowing appearance, and inside you, I'll have that great energy and feeling satiated without feeling heavy and bloated. No reflex and aftertaste that I cannot stand in most powders. You will see the difference how you see and taste food that is pure without any fillers and sugars added.

What do you want people to know about Tonique that is different from other workouts? 

It is impossible to describe TONIQUE - you must try it and then you will develop love-hate relationship since TONIQUE requires discipline, patience and focus. But the results are worth the commitment!

 If you are looking for a workout to tone at home try at home Tonique should be on your list of downloads.